For flat and inverted nipples

One of nature’s gifts is being able to breastfeed your baby, but for some mothers this is not always possible. Supple Cups help a baby latch-on by gently stretching the nipple. For many mothers this is a new and permanent solution for flat and inverted nipples. Supple Cups can reduce breastfeeding problems for many mothers. Your baby gets a deeper latch and has fewer problems latching on. Supple Cups will aid in correcting inverted nipples, and can also reduce edema and engorgement when a normal nipple is flattened. They work by creating a gentle vacuum from within, pulling the nipple into the Supple Cup. We call it The Supple Way.

As a new product for the breastfeeding community Supple Cups are being used by a number of Lactation Consultants with amazing results. Made of silicone, Supple Cups are durable, washable, flexible, and are sold in pairs. Click here to see a list of retail and wholesale options.

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